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VW Golf Mk4 & Bora (1998-2004) Switches

Coolant Temperature Sender
4-Pin Blue/Green 1998 to 1999
(upto Chassis No. 1J-X-250000)
Manufacturer: Meyle
Part No: 1009190043
Availability: 1 In Stock
inc. vat
4-Pin Green 1999 to 2004
(from Chassis No. 1J-X-250001)
Manufacturer: Febi
Part No: 32510
Availability: 2 In Stock
inc. vat
2-Pin Black/Grey Manufacturer: Febi
Part No: 33911
Availability: 2 In Stock
inc. vat
O-Ring Manufacturer: Febi
Part No: 12409
Availability: 8 In Stock
inc. vat
Clip Manufacturer: Febi
Part No: 12408
Availability: 3 In Stock
inc. vat

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